I first used Pilates as part of my dance training, then later, to rehabilitate a knee injury. Impressed with the results, I studied under Deborah Vogel, co-founder of the Center for Dance Medicine with Dr. Richard Bachrach. I continued my training under physical therapist Melissa Condron and instructor-trainer Junko Sodeyama, before receiving certification through STOTT PILATES™.

I studied biomechanics and neuroscience at Oberlin College and dance in New York, Boston, Montreal, and Cannes. In addition to performing, I taught ballet and was recognized by Dance Magazine for merging Bay Area dance and electronic music communities.

In 2004, I founded San Francisco Pilates, where I remain on faculty as a guest teacher. Over the years, I have developed my own approach to Pilates, drawing on the Feldenkrais Method and recent advances in mind-body research. I specialize in post-rehabilitative conditioning and Pilates for older adults. I particularly enjoy working with clients who have repetitive strain injuries and neuromuscular disorders. 


  • Oberlin College, B.A.
  • Dance for PD®
  • Pilates for MS and Neurological Conditions
  • Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries, Icahn School of Medicine / Kinected
  • Feldenkrais Professional Training Program, ISSE
  • Dance: Steps, School of American Ballet, Boston Ballet, Walnut Hill, Rosella Hightower, David Howard's Studio, Prometheus Dance, Alonzo King's Lines Ballet, Leon Collin's Studio